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International Chamber of Shipping/FCL

Date:2018-10-11 11:26:09

We are an international freight forwarder, mainly engaged in international shipping, air transport, railways, highways and various types of multimodal transport services. The company relies on the good port advantages of Ningbo and Shanghai Port and its own professional knowledge to provide tailor-made international logistics solutions for many import and export enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Sea export

We cooperate directly with the world's top shipping companies to provide first-class services for Ningbo Port's foreign trade business with perfect operating procedures and service quality. This business is the mainstream business of the company and has a record high for many years in terms of container volume and profit. The routes have been opened: US West Line, US East Line, Europe Line, West Line, Japan Kanto and Kansai Line, Australia Line, India Line, South Africa South America Line, Taiwan Line, Busan Line, Inner Line and other routes.

FCL (FCL): We provide you with FCL shipping services from various ports in China to all over the world, bringing you plenty of space, preferential prices, reliable transportation and timeliness, and bringing you in transit. Visualization to meet the needs of your supply chain to operate efficiently.

LCL: We provide you with direct flights from major ports in China to Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, America, etc., so that you can still enjoy very favorable shipping prices and deliver them in small quantities. Cycles, transportation aging, door-to-door service and other aspects enjoy the same protection as FCL.

Sea import

We provide a range of ancillary services for the import of imported container cargo by sea. Including timely customs clearance, inland door-to-door transportation after unloading, and various modes of transit transportation, warehousing and other services such as roads, railways, rivers and lakes, and air transportation. An efficient and quality service that truly achieves fast customs clearance.

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