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Date:2018-10-11 11:28:49

Ningbo Sunshine International Forwarding Agency Co., Ltd.  fully represents DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT international express delivery business. With years of stable cooperation and efficient communication, it has formed close and good cooperative relations with the four international express delivery giants. Regardless of your important information and the country in which the emergency samples are sent, we will arrange the appropriate delivery channels for you, and choose to ship from the mainland or Hong Kong according to your requirements for timeliness, and save you as much as possible while meeting the timeliness requirements. Courier costs.

According to the feedback and requirements of our customers, our company has established an excellent cooperative relationship with China Post. If the actual weight of your small item is small but the volume is relatively large, and the time limit is not urgent, we will help you choose the EMS channel to send the courier, because EMS is charged according to the actual weight, in many countries around the world. The delivery speed is second only to the four international express delivery networks. Under the premise of guaranteeing the aging, the company has saved considerable express delivery costs for its customers and won the praise of customers at home and abroad!

In addition, our company has cooperated with many international express delivery companies abroad to open up special-line services covering more than 50 countries around the world. From domestic direct international ports to destination countries, we will follow the four international express giants. The rate is only less than 50% of the four international express delivery giants, contributing our strength to our customers!

We have won high praise from the industry for our enthusiastic and efficient service quality. We will rely on our years of experience and excellent teamwork to deliver every shipment you have to more than 200 countries and regions around the world. To provide you with quality service!

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