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Bonded warehousing / Common transit warehouse

Date:2018-10-11 11:32:36

The Bonded Warehousing Integrated Management System is a dedicated management system for third-party logistics companies that provide bonded warehousing services. The system complies with the national requirements for bonded warehouse management, covers the daily operation requirements of the bonded warehouse, and has a universal data interface, which can seamlessly connect with other application systems such as TMS and financial systems of the enterprise in real time, complete with departments, external customers, and upper-level groups. The real-time interaction of data, especially the ability to provide customs requirements data to the customs supervision system, is a system suitable for the current business model of the bonded area.

Bonded Logistics Policy in Bonded Zones Bonded logistics policies in domestic non-bonded zones allow the bonded warehouse enterprises to store and store any commodities required by the domestic and foreign markets in the bonded area in accordance with changes in the international and domestic markets, in addition to the goods prohibited by the state.

Goods that are generally traded, prohibited by the State, and restricted from importing are not subject to bonded storage;

Commercially simple processing of bonded storage goods, such as packaging, labeling, packaging, maintenance, etc., and the origin is unchanged;

Bonded goods cannot be processed in any way;

Overseas goods entering the bonded area for storage, regardless of the same import, tax exemption and exemption, the goods in the bonded area are shipped out of the country, not regarded as the same export, tax exemption and exemption, only for customs filing procedures;

When overseas goods enter the bonded warehouse for storage, they are deemed to be imported, tax-deferred, and the goods are shipped overseas, which are treated as exports, exempt from tax and exemption, and must go through customs import and export procedures for entry and exit;

Domestic enterprises and customs implement computer networking, and goods are imported and exported to take EDI electronic declaration;

Only a few large companies implement EDI electronic declarations;

For the imported goods displayed in the bonded area, the customs shall supervise the bonded goods, and the procedures are simple, that is, there is no need to pay the customs mortgage, and it is not subject to the display time limit, and only needs to be registered in the customs;

It is necessary to declare to the customs by approval, handle the temporary import procedures, and pay the mortgage equivalent to the customs duty to restrict the re-export.

Bonded warehouse refers to a special warehouse approved by the Customs for the storage of bonded goods. Due to the advantages of taxation policy, bonded warehouses have large differences with ordinary warehouses in terms of business model and management requirements, and need to strictly follow the state management bonded warehouse. The management regulations are carried out, and the business operations are carried out under the real-time monitoring of the customs.

We can also provide the company with special warehouses in Beilun and Shanghai to provide customers with unpacking, packing, distribution and other services.

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