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Third-party logistics / fourth party logistics

Date:2018-10-11 12:17:11

We are an international freight forwarder, mainly engaged in international shipping, air transport, railways, highways and various types of multimodal transport services. The company relies on the good port advantages of Ningbo and Shanghai Port and its own professional knowledge to provide tailor-made international logistics solutions for many import and export enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Third-party logistics providers specialize in

● Integrated operation

● Warehousing

● Transportation service

● Cross docking

● Inventory management

● Packing

● Freight forwarder

These services are tailored and customized to the specific needs of the customer based on the customer's market conditions and the different needs and delivery requirements of their products or materials.

Third-party logistics refers to the production and operation enterprises to concentrate on the main business, the logistics activities originally handled by themselves, entrusted to the professional logistics service enterprises by contract, and at the same time maintain close contact with the logistics enterprises through the information system to achieve the logistics A logistics operation and management method for the control of the whole process.

Functions provided by the fourth party logistics company

● Purchasing

● Storage

● Distribution

● Process

Fourth Party Logistics is defined as “a supply chain integrator that mobilizes and manages the resources, capabilities and technologies of the organization's own and complementary service providers to provide a comprehensive supply chain solution”. It provides comprehensive supply chain solutions through the influence of the entire supply chain, and also brings greater value to its customers. It can integrate social resources and solve the full sharing of logistics information on the basis of solving enterprise logistics. Problems such as the full use of social logistics resources.

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